Thursday, February 20, 2014


         As life goes on, I often listen to problems told by friends and family members. It looks like Life is unfair. Whilst looking for answer to why Life is so called 'unfair', I saw  poems that were pinned onto a notice-board of one of an orphanage homes that I had visited, a few years ago.  I have re-read them many times since then until today and it remains one of my favorite inspirational poems.

            I would like to share these poems with you. It will not take away your pain and it will not solve all your problems. But perhaps it will help you to look at your problems in a different light.


Do not lose hope
Even though all hope seems to have been lost.
Never think "has He abandoned me?" for sometimes
Like a child is left to find its first steps
He seeks to encourage you in the same way.
He is there, behind you, in front of you and above you
Waiting to catch you if you fall.

How can you ever think yourself alone?
When all the world seemed against you,
Did He not carry you in His arms?
When you prayed "O Lord, make it alright"'
Did He not respond?

As you slept night after night with no care
Who do you think kept evil from your door?
If He were to abandon you even for the blink of an eye
You would surely be no more!!


He knows what's best for us 
so why should we complain.

We always want the sunshine,
but He knows there must be rain.
We always want laughter
and the merriment of cheer
but our heart will lose
their tenderness.
If we never shed a tear.

We are tested often,
with suffering and with sorrow.
It is not a punishment.
But to help us meet tomorrow.
For growing trees are strenghtened
if they can withstand the storm,
and the sharpness of chisel.

He tests us often
and for every pain He gives us,
provided we are patient
Is followed by rich gain.
So whenever we feel that
everything is going wrong,
It is just His way
to make our spirit strong.  


Monday, January 30, 2012

As my friends and I were busy talking and laughing in the staff room, our friend Anna came distributing a piece of paper.  Everybody was curious. After looking at the content, Zai recited the poem and there were tears in everybody eyes. We were so touched...and I hereby would like share with you..

When I Turn Old

When I turn old,
when I am not the original me,
Please understand me and have patience with me

When I drip gravy all over my clothes,
when I forget to tie my shoelaces,
Please remember how I taught you what to do,
and how to do many things by hand.

When I repeatedly tell you things that you're tired of hearing,
Please be patient and listen to me.
Please do not interrupt me.
When you were young,
I told you the same story over and over again
until you sleep.

When I need you to help me bathe,
Please do not scold me.
Do you still remember how when you were small
I had to coax you to take a bath?

When I do not understand new technology,
Please do not laugh at me or mock me.
Please think how I used to be so patient with you
to answer your every "Why".

When my two legs are tired and cannot walk anymore,
Please stretch out your powerful hands to lend me a hand,
just like when you were a baby learning to walk
I held both your hands.

When I suddenly forget what subject we were discussing,
Please give me a little time to recollect.
it does not matter what we are talking about;
as long as you are by my side,
I am so contended and happy already.

 When you see the old me,
Please do not be sad.
Please understand me and support me,
just like how I was with you when you were young
and were just learning to face life.
At the beginning,
I guided you to the path of life.
Now I ask you to keep me company
to finish this last leg of my life.
Give me your love and patience,
I will give you a grateful smile,
and crystallized in this smile
is my endless love for you.

(The poem is originated from the November 2004 issue of Digital Family of Mexico)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


If you can't be a pine on the top of the hill
Be a scrub in the valley
but be the best little scrub
by the side of the hill
Be a bush if you can't be a tree

If you can't be a bush
be a bit of grass
and some highway happier make
If you can't be a muskie
then just be a bass
But be the liveliest bass in the lake

We can't all be captains
we've got to be crew
There is something for all of us
There is big work to do
and there is lesser to do
And the task we must do is the near

If you can't be a highway
then just be the trail
If you can't be the sun, be the star
It isn't the size that you win or you fail
Be the best of whatever you are

Friday, September 24, 2010


The empty nest is painful, but it gives you a great perspectives on parenting.
Several year ago, my eldest son, Along, went off to Germany to further his studies.  Then, after a few years, my second son, Angah, set his foot in one of the local universities.  A few months ago, my only daughter, Nena, followed Angah leaving my youngest son, Harith, my husband and I.

I remember, their final days at home were filled with hustle and bustle of packing and getting them ready for a new life. I, of cause the one that worried the most, but somehow, I missed the burden of feelings of that moments.

But then as we were driving them to the airport or their respective colleges, an unexpected wave of grief swept me.  I thought I couldn't stand to them to see them go.  It was not that I wanted to hold them in childhood or to exercise control on their lives.  No, it just that I mourned the end of an era, a precious time of my life when Along, Angah, Nena and Harith were young, and their voices noisily, irritating, filled the whole of our house and rang buzzing my ears wanting all sorts of thing.  An era of hectic moments, when I had to drove them to school, tuition centers and also happy moments 'shopping' and eating together.  

However, I could hide the tears as we hugged at their respective colleges and at airport.  If you're thinking that I'm hopelessly sentimental about my kids, you're right.  But I hope my experience has a message for those of you whose children are still underfoot.

The days that you've been given to care for your children are much briefer than you think.  Yes, its true, it's difficult and exhausting assignment, but I urge you to stay the course; finish the job.  When you stand where I am today, you'll know that you have performed the most important task a human being can undertake.

And it's worth everything it cost you to do the the job right.  Oh, by the way, if you happen to see my sons or daughter, ask them to call home, won't you?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boosting your self-confidence

      One day while collecting the old newspaper to sell it to the old newspaperman, I found  an article by Trevor Gordan about boosting our self-confidence. I find that it is very useful and  maybe  we can take the good points and apply in our everyday life.
      Everyone of us wants to be happy. We want to feel great about ourselves. Well, to feel self-confident, we need to do thing that give us good reasons to feel optimistic and motivated about ourselves.  According to Gordan there are some painless ways to boost our confidence and self-esteem.
     Always connect with POSITIVE PEOPLE which I agree - 100%. Try to detach from Toxic people.  They are like "emotional vampire" - Gordan name it -who love to suck positive mindset right out of our skull. They include people who put us down, ridicule us, or incapacitate our dreams and aspirations.

    SMILE a lot. Its true ... according to research, a person emotionally feels the emotion he or she is acting at the moment. Meaning that, if we act cheerful, we feel cheerful. And smiling is the fastest way to act happy and confident.  Also, our smile is contagious. It makes people want to catch you. Isn't it smile is a type of sedakah. Furthermore, it keeps us look young. 
     CARE FOR PEOPLE/OBJECTS THAT MAKE US FEEL GOOD.  When we care for others, we, in effect, care for ourselves at the same time. Well...what goes around, comes around. Glorify people with P.D.A. (public displays of appreciation).  Shower people we like with thank-you notes, hugs, smiles and calls to thank them.  The most important thing is it must come from the heart - sincere- it helps us feel super.

     Whatever it is, I think the best way to feel self-confident is to do things that give us good reason to feel confident like neutralise our negative thinking, look for solutions more than for problems, and read good news, inspiring articles and books.